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Arieh Wagner

Director of Starguest Ltd. founded in London in 1997.

The son of the renowned Wagner-Kahn hotelier family, Arieh has been managing the Kosher Events department at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane for over 20 years.

“I want to prove that kosher does not equal compromise.”

Arieh was, quite literally, involved in the hospitality business from the cradle. His father, Meir Wagner, ran Silberhorn Hotel, a kosher hotel that had been in the family since 1926 and was located in Grindelwald, an idyllic resort at the foot of the Swiss Alps.

The year Arieh was born, his mother, Ruth Wagner, received her hotel diploma, which meant that he was born with a silver spoon, or ladle, in his hands. He grew up filling in for missing staff, serving the non-mevushal wines, helping Kasher the kitchen for Pesach, supervising the cows’ milking up on the mountain at 7 a.m., and lugging down the 40 litres of chalav Yisrael milk.


“Kosher Luxury Beyond 5 Stars”


Arieh’s discretion and confidentiality along with exemplary professionalism mean that he has been trusted to manage and cater events for most of the recent Prime Ministers of the UK such as Prime Ministers Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron and Tony Blair.

Amongst the most famous served guests are the late Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, HRH Prince Philip, Nelson Mandela and Baroness Thatcher.

Today, STARGUEST, the brand name among the kosher travelling elite, arranges everything kosher; from destination weddings in Marbella, Spain, to Kosher Luxury at The Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

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