KFWE 2022

Producers of Fine Wines and Spirits.


Kedem Europe brings you producers from all around the world – be it from historically significant regions such as France for wine, the modern award winning Israel wine regions and contemporary European countries for premium gin and vodkas. This is the finest portfolio of wineries and distilleries for Kosher wines and spirits in the world.

Menahem Israelievitch - Royal Wine Europe

Israel Flam - Flam Winery

David Bar-Ilan - Tulip Winery

Yiftach Perets - Binyamina Winery

Jurgen Wagner - Celler de Capçanes

Joe Hurliman - Herzog Wine Cellars

Alicia Wilbur - Herzog Wine Cellars

Lionel Bokobsa - Bokobsa Wines

Yaacov Oryah - Psagot Winery

Joshua Greenstein - IWPA

Eyten Ben Zaken – Domaine du Castel

Yair Teboulle - Netofa

Ofer Amit - Or Haganuz Winery

Oren Sela - Tabor Wines

Lotan Wiessman - Tulip Winery

Matthieu Guyon - Domaines Rollan De By

Yaakov Berg - Psagot Winery

Yiftach Peretz